The Glottodrama Method is aimed at teaching foreign languages through drama. The method has been developed with the support of the European Lifelong Learning Programme and has been awarded with the European Language Label, a seal of excellence granted to best pedagogic innovations.

The Glottodrama integrates drama techniques in language teaching, shares the principles of the communicative approach and proposes an original CLIL solution strongly action-oriented. Today the international network of the Glottodrama Academy offers language courses in 8 countries and in 9 languages: www.glottodrama.eu


The main objective of these courses is to improve the candidates’ knowledge of target languages through the Glottodrama Method.

Students will be involved in a wide range of activities: warm-up exercises, playing on stage given scripts, production of new scripts through creative writing, active exploration of grammar and vocabulary, actor’s studio to improve all communication skills, guided rehearsal and acting performances.